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Okanagan Artist Jacqueline

Artist Statement



Jacqueline (Jackie) lives in British Columbia's beautiful Okanagan Valley with her son.
She strives to create unique art pieces that enhance your space.


Her background in landscaping, design and decor influences her style of art.
Jacqueline believes having the right artwork grounds a room and, as part of an ensemble, commands attention. It should be a spark for conversations on significance and meaning. Judgement formed by intuition is essential and yet needs to be grounded through the work itself.


She has always been interested in various art forms. Today she dabbles in exploring new techniques that play on multiple dimensions of visual perceptions such as her glow in the dark collection and concrete accessories. She paints with acrylics and oils and prefers Impasto and pallet knife work which allow her to succumb to what she sees, feels and experiences.


Jacqueline has worked with designers and connoisseurs of art to create specific pieces for private collectors in Phoenix, Montreal and British Columbia.


Jackie Blonarowitz hopes you enjoy her designs / creations and invites you to view new creations on her website

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Tel: 250-212-8350


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